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Kuching is the capital and most populous city of the East Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is the largest city on the island of Borneo, and the fourth largest city in Malaysia.
Kuching was named after a tidal stream called Kuching River (Sungai Kuching) that ran between the present-day Tua Pek Kong Temple, and Chinese History Museum. The stream originated from Cat's Eye Hill (Bukit Mata Kuching) where there was an abundance of a local fruit called Green Longan (Isau, Dimocarpus longan ssp malesianus), vernacularly known as Cat's Eye (Mata Kuching).

Kuching is the only city in Malaysia to be administered by two distinct entities; a local authority (City Council) and a state government statutory body granted a City Hall status.

The city's twin administration was born out of the need of an efficient system which would allow for a balanced development and population distribution for the two territories. It will also ensure that the local authority of the city proper will not be hampered by the former jurisdiction of Kuching Rural District Council (KRDC).

The City of Kuching is divided into two areas; Kuching North and Kuching South. Each of these is administered by a Mayor (Malay: Datuk Bandar); legally called Mayor for Kuching South and Commissioner for Kuching North. The city delimitation exercise also resulted in the city centre being split into East and West.

Roads within the city are of a reasonable standard, though traffic congestion often leads to long tailbacks during weekday rush hour. As Kuching is located near the equator, potholes have the tendency to develop on the roads during the monsoon season (usually around the end of the year, coinciding with winter in the northern hemisphere). Roads leading outside of Kuching to the interior are of a slightly lower quality but are being upgraded from time to time. The main resort roads (e.g. leading to Damai) and Borneo Highlands are good.

Bus travel is available by either antiquated, smoky, non-air-conditioned buses or newer air-conditioned buses or the 'van sapu' (mini-van converted into mini-buses) which are cheaper.
Air transport in Kuching is served by Kuching International Airport (KIA), 12 km away from the city. KIA is the secondary hub for Malaysia Airlines and has been growing rapidly to tackle the demand of the travellers in the East Malaysia region.

Those trying to get a bird-eye's view of the city have the option of hiring a helicopter or small plane from Hornbill Skyways which is operate in KIA.

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